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Tyre Levers - Truck

Product Features:

Heavy duty tyre levers for all applications:

1. H-TM-FORCE - Michelin Tyre Lever, Force, 750mm

2. H-TM-HALTE - Michelin Tyre Lever, Halte, 800mm

3. H-T24A - Bead Breaker/Leverage Bar, 420mm

4. H-T52A - Bead Breaker/Leverage Bar, 840mm

5. H-T41A - Swan Neck Bead Breaker, 762mm

6. H-T42A - Bead Breaker/Leverage Bar, 965mm

7. H-T48A - Truck Lock Ring Tool, 940mm

8. H-T23A - Lock Ring Remover, 760mm

9. H-T45A - Truck Mount/Demount Tool, 940mm

10. H-TM-FACE - Michelin Tyre Lever, Face, 530mm

11. H-No39 - Gedore Truck Tyre Lever

Also available (not pictured here):

H-T19A - T19A Tyre Spoon, straight, for large trucks, buses, OTR, tractor & aircraft

H-T26A - T26A Manual Bead Breaking Tool/Driving Tool

H-T2X - T2X Tyre Spoon for passenger, motorcycle, ATV and light truck

H-T41A - T41A Earthmover Flange Remover

H-T45SX - T45SX Lever for lug base and EM drop centre rims

H-T60 - T60 Tyre Mount/Demount Spoon, straight, large truck, bus, OTR, tractors and aircraft

H-T6A - T6A TyreLever for passenger. ATV and motorcycle

H-T47A - Extra Heavy Duty Truck Mount/Demount Tool

Product Code: H-T | Created on: 2008-09-04

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